Use Cases

  • Grocery Delivery

    Set the location of your warehouse and let Flight Map help in the cooking that follows.

  • Courier Delivery

    Don,t have enough fleets to deliver? Just set the maximum number of vehicles you have and we will figure out the rest.

  • Food Delivery

    Set the starting location of all your pickup centers and let Flight Map help you reach the hungry.

Features Of Flight Map

All the delivery businesses have something in common and the need to plan daily routes to deliver. Flight Map works with the minimum options needed while delivering products so that our clients face minimum problems while using our services.


The “Travelling Salesman Problem or The Vehicle Routing Problem” has been one of the most controversial topic that pops up every now and then, especially when you are a Software Developer and you find ways of doing things the coded way.

So if a courier service has 100 places to deliver their products to, then the best possible route that can decide the order in which the products be delivered given constraints like time factor, maximum capacity factor or the total cost involved should be the solution.

About Us

With the rise of on-demand services we saw a need to develop a cheaper route optimization solution which small enterprises can use. Since we have a wide variety of products supporting the cause, we had to find a solution so that our business flourishes and our customers are satisfied. As of now we are releasing the API for two types of services, namely “the simple vehicle routing problem” and “same day pickup and delivery problem”.

Click Labs has partnered with Jugnoo as initial customer. Jugnoo have been leveraging FlightMap in its various services such as Fatafat, Dodo and Jugnoo pool. We finally thought of opening it to rest of the world to use.

So if you have made a promise to your customers about the timely delivery of their product and at the same time save every penny you possibly can, then Flight Map is the thing to go for.